Project Description

Mobility means knowing how to be sustainable, alternative and free to live according to one’s own mood and the bicycle has been transformed from a means of transport to a trendy object.
ISINNOVA has patented “ORIGAMI”, a transparent bicycle (integrated with the surrounding environment) with a monobloc frame made from a laser-cut shockproof polycarbonate sheet, a perfect combination of Italian know-how, innovation, contemporaneity and eco-sustainability in mobility.
It is unique in the particular method of construction of the frame. Traditional bicycles are made up of a series of glued or welded tubes, with the need to have multiple processes. ORIGINATE ME from a laser-cut plate and then folded like a sheet of paper (and hence the name origami). The handlebars, saddle, wheels and bottom bracket are then hooked together to arrive at the finished product.
The choice of polymeric material is dictated by its characteristic of complete recyclability in line with the circular economy objectives of the European Union. Polycarbonate is able to carry light along any edge or sign of the sheet. By laser-cutting a hole, a name, a logo or any other graphic element and placing a cutting light on one side, you get a bright and luminescent bicycle that enhances the graphics created by the laser through the light.
In the design idea of “ORIGIN”. (configurable both as a bike and as an e-bike) it is expected that each enthusiast can create the bike of their dreams from an online configurator, studying every detail of the frame, and adding a note of color to the banality of thousands of products equal to the Chinese standardization and mass market logic of large retailers, resulting in a 100% handmade product.
Laser cutting allows you to customize the frame size and graphics without the need for a mold. By entering a series of parameters (height, weight, leg/arm length) the cyclist can have a bicycle “sewn” to measure without choosing between the 3 and sizes S, M, L on the market today. It is therefore possible to create a unique frame geometry. Even the accessories can be customized. This way you get unique models, but at the cost of a traditional model. Currently the company does not export “ORIGAMI” abroad but it is clear the growth in the European market of both two wheels and products made in Italy.